Rodrigo Manuel Pérez Ruiz


About me

When I was a kid I used to play lots of videogames. I really liked Nintendo and Pokemon games, but I never thought about making them as a job. Because of that, and because I didn't know what to study, I started studying naval engineering at the UPM.

That didn't go very well, but in that same year I discovered the game development career. I changed my mind and tried this new challenge.

Nowadays, I enjoy coding more than playing and part of it it's because the great team I work with.

I love animals, beer and going camping.

Personal Projects

As I can't stay quiet doing nothing I try to fill most of my free time working on different projects, from crafts and plants, to gamejams and gamification. I try to work as much as possible and I'm always trying to learn something new.

Okay, too much text, these are the personal projects I've already finished or the ones I'm working on nowadays:

~ 2022 ~

Dawn in Lake City

Two weeks ago, I got a new job offer out of town so I decided that before leaving I should try to make a new gamejam game. Sliding through the available jams on I found the Trijams and as I didn't want to die in another 40h jam I asked my partner Marcos García @drawcos to do it with me and he aceptted. He was the artist and I was the main programmer. So ok, Trijam #155, a 3h gamejam, and the theme was "Gameplay under 1 minute", cool!
I don't know why but I instanly thought about races, motorboat races, and discussing it with Marc, he agreed that it was cool enough, so we started working on it.

Time passed and the timeline was closer and closer and FINALLY...

Nope, we didn't make it on time, 3 hours is so little time to make a game and we should have gone for something simpler or smaller, but whatever, we had gameloop almost done so we went forward and finished the game in about 25h. Good enough I think.

This game was very interesting to do and I steped up and made one of my first character controller, and it was a boat, and over water! So I struggled a lot with rotations and drag limits. I had never done a "race" game before but we think that you can easily feel the essence of the game, the speed, the bumps, the turns and the shake of the boat. It was also the first time I designed and drew the logo of the game, and got some "That's cool man" for it.

I hadn't work alone with Marc since 2016 in our first year at university but as part of the same team it was pretty nice.

Here you have it, Dawn in Lake City. It is available on for Windows, MacOS and Linux. We'd really love to hear your opinion, you can reach me through Twitter, Instagram or the comments section of the game.

Hope you like it!! Download

~ 2021 ~

Froggy N' Froggen

Last week my friend, Ester Garrido @eristeart, and I, decided to take part on a GameJam we wanted to take part last year but we couldn't, the NOKIA 3310 Game Jam, an indie jam that started as a small concept but that has grouped more than a thousand developers this third edition, resulting in more than 300 entries. This gamejam is a little special because insted of having a topic restriction you have a determined aesthetic restriction, only 2 colors and 84x48 pixels resolution. Kinda looks easy but it was harder than expected.
As our heads couldn't move from the classic NOKIA games, we finally merged two concepts: Snake and Tron. And we ended doing Froggy N' Froggen, a player vs player local competitive game, based on tongue races for catching the most flies the fastest possible. You can make your opponent reset its tongue or cross it by piercing it, do anything possible thing for the flies!!

This project was cool to make but also hard, I hadn't worked on a board based game for a long time, so going back to work with arrays and that stuff made me think a lot, and preparing a multiplayer games always brings some difficulties. We tried to set some nice looking logo, menu, and controls screens and the playability is quite polished and easy to understand and play.

This time we participated with a new partner, Eduardo Bellon, a composer for Rio de Janeiro who contected with us to work alongside us (pretty cool indeed). He made some cool monophonic music and sfx that fitted very good with the aesthetic.

Here you have it, Froggy N' Froggen. It is available on for Windows, MacOS and Linux. I'd really love to hear your opinion, you can reach me through Twitter, Instagram or the comments section of the game.

Hope you like it!! Download

Play it now!

~ 2020 ~

Goblins Almanac

Last weekend my friend, Ester Garrido @eristeart, and I, decided to take part on a new GameJam, this time it was the GDS Game Jam, an international Jam hosted by one of the oldest European indie game developers conference, the Game Developers Session in Prague. The theme for this first year was a little odd for a jam (and in my opinion a generic topic in the time we live in). It was...

Desinformation and Conspiracy Theories

Eventhough it was hard to think more about the concept than on the more generic ideas that came to mind, we finally focussed on the Desinformation concept, and we both delighted with the result we achieved.

Goblin's Almanac is a game where you have to trade with potions following the the rules of a suspicious almanac given to you by the same goblin that sells you the potions (mmmmhh suspicious) and sell them to the reputed and trustworthy Grazka, the potion expert. She will give you some advices as you sell her potions that will help you to identify the lies and truths hidden in that old almanac.

This project was quite hard, maybe we tried to span to0 much, maybe the theme was very peculiar but I'm so proud with my work. I made the core of the game pretty fast, could work on some new tools like Text Animator and foccus a bit more on sound design, something that we usually forget when doing a GameJam.

This Jam had great prize indeed, a spot on the GDS conference of this year, but we couldn't make it. We achieved 2nd and 3rd position on Music&Sound and Visuals categories respectively, and 13th in the global ranking, with more than 50 submissions, so hey! Not that bad.

After the jam we made some improvements, focussed on making the game easier to understand and giving it the "most perfect result" feeling we could, and I personally love the result.

Here you have it, Goblin's Almanac. It is available on for Windows, MacOS and Linux. I'd really love to hear your opinion, you can reach me through Twitter, Instagram or the comments section of the game.

Hope you like it!! Download

Play it now!

Keep Dreaming


This weekend my friend, Ester Garrido @eristeart, and I, decided to take part on the very first #WholesomeJam. We had been following the WholesomeGames organization, since the WholesomeGames streaming for the E3 this year, and when we found out there was gonna be a jam organized by them we couldn't say no. The theme for this first year was choosen by the participants, from a list created by the organism, and after one day long votation the chosen was...

Don't give Up!

Eventhough it wasn't our favourite theme, we ended up with the idea for this game, and we both very pleased with the result we achieved.

Keep dreaming is a game where the goal is to keep your room quiet and comfy while dreaming to lo-fi music. As you don't want to cut your dreams this morning, you'll have to postpone the alarm clock, keep the room dark, turn off every device, open or close the window to control temperature and... yes, pet the dog.

I enjoyed this project a lot, the chill vibes, the lo-fi music and the fact that I could work on postprocessing, what I had never done before. It wasn't as stressing as others jams I took part before as it was a low-key jam and there were no prizes, but I had lots of fun and learned some new things ^^

So here you have it, Keep Dreaming. It is available on for Windows, MacOS and Linux. I'd really love to hear your opinion, you can reach me through Twitter, Instagram or the comments section of the game.

Hope you like it!! Download

Play it now!

Vuforia Sticker Jump


My last semester in the university was quite a mess due the start of the lock down on March 2020. Of course it affected most of my classes. One of them was "Interactive environments and virtual reality" which has a cool name and it was fine but it could have been way cooler. Part of this subject was to create an augmented reality experience, and all my partners and I did some cool projects like a song selection menu or a monster summoning from a card like Yu-Gi-Oh!

At that moment I was working with First Try on our first long-term project and also our first mobile game ever: Sticker Jump. I though that I could make something to promote the inminent launch of this game, so I did. A little and fast game that ended with some information about Sticker Jump.

It was very simple, sugar, spice and lots of nice stickers with cute poping sound effects and... A BIG TIMER! That's all you need to create something addictive fast. It was a bit tedius to set all the sticker with the correct alignment and depth order but the result was very cool and inmersive. We used Vuforia Engine, a Unity extension to create AR experiences with a image or a code as target.

You can download the app on the next button and install it on your Android devices and test it with the aside image, IOS will be supported very soon.

Download App

~ 2019 ~

Sticker Stealer


This weekend I took part on my first gamejam without the other members of First Try Studios. This time I worked with my friend, Ester Garrido @eristeart, which was her very first GameJam, in a national range gamejam called #GameJamMadridCrea what means something like #GameJamMadridCreates. As we guessed, the theme for jam was any cultural, tourist, historical or natural aspect of the city of Madrid. And, as my partner is very interested on the urban art and the urban sticker community, we decided to go for it on a sticker based game: Sticker Stealer

In Sticker Stealer you have to remove and steal as many stickers as you can against the clock while you get extra time with every sticker correctly stolen. But be careful and steal only the stickers shown on the right panel, any other sticker will break when removed and will take time from you. There are 4 different tools to remove them, each one faster than the last, that you will can buy at Loreto's shop in exchange of some stickers.

Try to get as many stickers as you can each round, and prove that you are the best sticker stealer of Madrid. Are you ready?

This was a very time consuming jam game but it was also very instructive as I learned to work with new people, some new features of Unity and a lot about the Madrid sticker community. It was indeed pretty cool and Ester could recreate more than 35 real stickers in pixel art, featuring artist like Akima, Berto el campechano, Bloo, Chincheta...

Here it is, Sticker Stealer. It is available on but just for Windows (sorry MacOS and Linux users :/). For any comments, opinion o anything else fell free to reach me through Twitter, Instagram or the comments section of the game.

Hope you like it!! Download

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