Marcos García García


About me

According to my parents, when I was a kid I wanted to work as a toymaker. Videogames are like super cool futuristic toys, so I think I made the right choice when deciding to work making them <3

I studied game development in the Complutense University of Madrid. On our first year I rediscovered my passion for art and that made me the artist of First Try Studios. I know how to program too but I usually leave the boring stuff to my very talented friends. You can check out the artistic things I do in my Twitter or my Instagram!

Anyway, here is my favorite YouTube video. Enjoy!

Art Portfolio

I've been doing art as a hobbie since I was a kid. In recent years I've fallen in love with digital art. I mainly use Photoshop for my illustrations and Blender for my 3D models, but I've also used other art programs such as Aseprite or MagicaVoxel.
Here's a small collection of my favorite works.

3D works

Claymation Style

Comic Style

Voxelart (Voxtober challenge)

2D works

Landscape Illustrations

Cover art

Flat Illustrations (2021)

Flat Illustrations (2019 - 2020)

Traditional Art

Flat Illustrations (2018)

Game art

I've also done lots of art for different games. Here's some of it.

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